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about me
my name is  
Luigi Marini  (nickname raffyraffy).
I was born in previous millenium, in far away 1957, therefore I am a man of the past!
But now I live in this new millenium, in a small suburban town near Rome, in Italy, with my wife and ours 3 sons.

about hardware
I work on Hp Pavilion desktop, Intel i7 2.80 Ghz with 8 Gb of ram and
as graphic board  nVidia GeForce GTX 745 4Gb of ram. as SO, Windows 8.1 Home Premium 64bit.

about work
Normally, my projects arise from a precise idea or an image from somewhere or playing with a terrain editor program.
Then, step right away to process them with one of my Terrain editors...

GeoControl 2    Gaea    World Creator 2

When the terrain is quite defined, I create a highfield map ( generally in Tif format ) and export it to a scenes editor, such as:

primarily in
Vue Infinite  but then also in Blender and  Terragen

where I make texturing for the terrain and generate vegetation with particle systems...
and at the end, also the lighting and the atmosphere.

------- o -------

As support programs to this work, I avail myself of ...

Gimp as raster editor,   inkscape as vector editor and  XnView as image editor.

------- o -------

For generic editor, I use  
Blender and  Flora3D as Tree generator.

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